Crane Group Shri.Grandhi Subba Rao


Inspired by ambition, fuelled by resolute will and empowered by an entrepreneurial drive Shri. Grandhi Subba Rao, a true visionary and a dynamic pathfinder with an intense desire to break new grounds set out four decades ago in pursuit of a dream. His vision to build a vast brand-oriented empire is today the giant conglomerate... Crane Group. The beginnings were modest but truly significant. What started as a low key enterprise of manufacturing Betel Nut Powder in 1952, triumphantly emerged from strength to strength, daringly unfolding a voyage of victory and resounding success. Shri. Grandhi Subba Rao, the Chairman and founder of the Crane Group, the man with the Midas touch has carved the fortunes of the company from the initial spark of inspiration, to the present multi crore presence, the Crane supremacy is a success born of true genius. His pursuit of excellence, ceaseless toil and persistence against all odds and challenges has successfully led the company to the forefront of achievement. Working miracles with his natural business instincts, he conquered his educational limitations to strive ahead and single handedly created a colossal business empire. On him rests the laurels of establishing Crane as a leading "National Brand". As its sole creator, he has nurtured the growth of Crane from birth of the brand to its emergence today as a market leader.


Springing forth from decades of industry and enterprise is an inspiring challenge called social commitment and responsibility. Shri.Grandhi Subba Rao, the founding father always took societal vision close to his heart. To him it is a vision so significant that he has made immeasurable contribution towards social welfare and development. He has generously donated towards social causes and a gamut of developmental activities like Community Care and Temples. He has helped needy individuals and devoted his energies on many more areas that demanded care and concern. It's his way of saying "thank you" to his people. He is a visionary who at the end of the day would like to go home with a warm, peaceful and contented feeling. He is a name to reckon with, in promoting and uplifting the country's monumental heritage and culture. Not surprisingly so, he has built a library well stocked with a precious collection of over 10,000 rare books of all kinds - Vedas, Upanishads, Architecture, Sculpture, Temples and Traditions. He believes that a contribution of this kind, is an invaluable gift to the generations next. A God-fearing man and a stout devotee of Swamy Ayyappa, he had constructed a temple for Lord Ayyappa at Sampath Nagar in Guntur. He appeases the hunger of over 2,500 devotees a day up to 40 days every year, his humble offering to the deity every year, entirely at his own cost.