A voyage of victory and resounding success


Crane Group has both experience and expertise, which is hard to match. Today, it has the size and economics of scale, which enable it to invest in the most modern manufacturing facilities to produce products of the highest standard and quality. One thing that remains constant is the total commitment to customer satisfaction and nothing is going to change this goal in the years ahead. Crane Group is religiously devoted to give its customers real value for their money by unmatched quality of its products. Generating gainful employment to a massive workforce of over 1,000 direct employees and 10,000 indirect employees, Crane Group is a giant corporate entity with an impressive national presence. As professionally managed and highly respected corporate citizen, Crane Group is financially rock solid striding boldly into the new millennium. Crane Group is confident of its strengths, resources, and the skills to manage.


At Crane, quality in every form is an established norm. Touching new heights as the undisputed market leader in the Betel Nut Industry the phenomenal popularity of Crane is the natural outcome of uncompromising quality. Confidently gearing to explore fresh avenues and rich possibilities, the Crane stamp of excellence has impressed its indelible mark by offering a wide spectrum of winning products and services. Quality conscious to the very core, Crane excels as a distinct class of its own, achieving high levels of customer approval and total consumer satisfaction. The pursuit of excellence is an ongoing process at Crane.

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