Enterprise Achieves Miracles

Crane Betel Nut Powder the flagship company, exemplifies this simple formula of success. Rapidly gaining popularity for distinct quality, Crane has been a household name since 1957.

A synonym today for quality Betel Nut Powder, the product is a market winner by virtue of its marked superiority due to the meticulous care imparted and quality maintained in the winning formula, the process and know-how which originates from Shri. Grandhi Subba Rao. 

Envisaging a growth, well ahead into the future, he pioneered the use of imported "Form Fill Seal Machines" for Betel Nut Powder packing, which is another first to his credit. 

From selecting the finest Betel Nut to processing core ingredients (such as clove oil, menthol and other natural spices) a great deal of attention is focused to detail.


Maintaining stringent quality management and meeting strict quality standards, Crane devotes all its knowledge and experience to live up to high customer expectations.   Unrivalled in its versatile variety, way ahead of the competition in quality, Crane holds sole monopoly in the niche segment of marketing family packs.

Thanks to an impressive performance Crane has notched up an imposing market share of 85% in Andhra Pradesh, 60% in Tamil Nadu and 40% in Karnataka which itself reflects the company's clear lead in the field.

Continuing the winning tradition of total quality observance, Shri. G.V.S.L.Kantha Rao followed the illustrious footsteps of his father Shri. Grandhi Subba Rao after assuming responsibilities in the year 1983.

Adding wings to the development and diversification of Crane, Shri. G.V.S.L.Kantha Rao is the dynamic architect of Crane's ambitious forays into exciting new fields. Intelligence, inventiveness and a passion for quality are the hallmarks of his personality which have led to embracing success with supreme confidence.